160. #BurnerGate (BONUS POD)

Heat Beat6 years ago00:22:58
Heat Beat

In this BONUS PODCAST edition of The Heat Beat Podcast, Giancarlo Navas, Alf, Alex Toledo, Harrison "Hot Take Harry" Cytryn, and Brian Goins react to the #BurnerGate scandal of Bryan Colangelo, via The Ringer. Shout out to our new sponsor @GreenlightTek, a full service, concierge IT company based in South Florida, who are offering a free assessment for our listeners who own a business by simply mentioning "Miami Heat Beat" or "Five Reasons." GreenlightTek can help speed up and streamline your company by advising, monitoring, supporting, and keeping your important data backed up and secure, so you don't end up with five burner accounts like Bryan Colangelo. Contact our friends at (561)-325-9997 to find out more today!

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