DRIP DROP // Heat-Sixers Reaction w/ Ryan Cortes (Minister of Propaganda)

Hangover Timelast year01:11:38
Hangover Time
Welcome welcome welcome to our new post game show, Hangover Time! Alf is off tonight so Brassjazz is the next man up. He is joined by Tiffany Meeks, Parrish Thompson, Alex Musibay, and SPECIAL GUEST Ryan Cortes • Ryan Cortes slanders a Philadelphia delicacy • We try and get a new Tyler Herro nickname traction • The Gabe Vincent era?? • NBA's morality during COVID ...and more!!! Join our discord to be able to ask guests questions CLICK FOR THE DISCORD CHAT INVITE https://discord.gg/Z6mPvGP STREAMS ON Twitch.Tv/MiaHeatBeat Submit your Blue Wire Hustle application here: http://bwhustle.com/join

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