Rumors of Dwyane Wade’s Interest In Cleveland Are Incredulous

Commentary5 years ago3 min readRob Slater

Dear, Dwyane Wade: Just stop. Enough already. Please.

A year ago, Wade said goodbye to the Miami Heat for alleged “money reasons” that turned out to be an inconsequential amount. We later would find out that he and Pat Riley played an immature game of chicken — both coming up as losers.

You know the rest of the story: Wade bolted to Chicago, had the grand homecoming his buddy LeBron James did a few years prior (after costing him tens of millions of dollars) and ultimately flamed out. 

The Bulls then dealt his best gun in Jimmy Butler. Rajon Rondo (who he hates, remember?) is gone, too. Wade is now left with Zach LaVine, a bag of peanuts and a washer machine on a roster that will compete for the worst record in the league.

Of course, it’d be natural that he’s now looking to take a buyout of $24 million and move on with his life. After all, it doesn’t seem like his teammates are really feeling him right now anyway.

Which brings us to present day and this absurd report that “people close to LeBron” suggest that he’ll be headed to Cleveland to spend one of the final chapters of his career playing with friend and former Heat teammate.

I’ll be honest, that’ll be the end for me. And it should be the end for a lot of Heat fans.

Joining the Cavaliers isn’t classified as “ring-chasing.” Wade would be going there to be another one of LeBron James’ cheerleaders lining the bench like James Jones and Mike Miller before you. By doing this, he’d give up his existence and identity as one of the greatest to ever do it by succumbing to the allure of James’ friendship — the highlights of which include scamming him out of millions.

Forget about the specifics of the fit in Cleveland. Wade doesn’t fit and does very little to address the Grand Canyon-sized gap between the slow, aging Cavaliers and the champion Golden State Warriors. But this isn’t about any of that. This is about what a move to Cleveland signifies. It’s about what happens to a player’s legacy, when made financially whole, decides to saddle back up with the guy who burned his team just years prior.

Wade landing in Cleveland should hurt a lot more than him ever landing in Chicago. No, he won’t rekindle the type of magic he and LeBron had once upon a time, but the message would be loud and clear: Dwyane Wade cares not for you, or for his legacy.

You have a great opportunity, Dwyane. A chance to erase the nonsense of last season and restore your legacy. We can consider the “Chicago year” just a blip on the radar, like a rebellious teenager having a moment. You stepped out and saw the real world. Now, it’s time to come back home for your sake and your legacy that puts you as one of the best shooting guards ever.

The reality is, whether you like it or not, your legacy is in Miami. Your legacy will always be in Miami. Come home, Dwyane. Let’s put the last year behind us and get on with it.