Alphonse Sidney Announces Return to Miami Heat Beat

Newslast year3 min readJack Alfonso

Alf is back! That’s cool, I guess. It’s coming out of my salary. Literally, it’s JUST coming out of my salary. Brass Jazz, Christian, Frankie, Brian, Christian, Nekias: all of those guys are still getting paid the same. For some reason, the boss man Giancarlo Navas thought I should take a pay cut to help Heat Beat bring in a whale. That’s what I get for loyalty, I guess. I always have been the Udonis Haslem of Heat Beat.

Nevertheless, everyone at the Heat Beat family is thrilled to welcome Alphonse Sidney back. In a lot of ways, it feels like he never left. When he quit years ago to wander the globe in search of the one true podcast, he never strayed far from our hearts. He was always on our minds. Whenever I appeared on a Heat Beat episode, Giancarlo Navas and Brian Goins would glare at me throughout the recordings and repeatedly tell me that “the wrong Alf left.” Well, now the good Alf is back. So they can stop being so mean to me.

In all seriousness, Alf has been doing great things with the Five Reasons Sports Network and we’ve all been listening closely, enjoying his electric personality from afar, and stealing his takes whenever possible. He’s established himself as a hilarious, thoughtful, prominent, and indispensable voice in South Florida sports media.

With his postgame stream “HANGOVERTIME,” you’ll be able to react to every Heat win (and the rare loss) in real-time with Alf, a selection of Heat Beat scrubs, and some special guests. It’s going to be a great time and we’re excited for the chance it’ll give us as a community to come together and drink to celebrate a victory or explain why a defeat was actually still a moral victory somehow. It’s an exciting time to be a Heat fan and we hope.
“HANGOVERTIME” will add to that excitement.

Beyond the world of basketball, Alf has built an incredible show, “Light-Skinned Opinions” with Christopher Mattox and Parrish Thompson that will continue. LSO has the trademark energy and humor that Alf brings anywhere he goes, but it has also offered thoughtful insight, honest debate, and deep explorations on the world off the basketball court. LSO has been a unique, informative, challenging, and comforting presence during an intense, confusing, and stressful political and cultural moment. We can’t wait for what the guys have to bring us going forward.

Welcome back, Alf. We’ve missed you. If you want to split your salary with me, I wouldn’t be mad.